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The vast expanses of ranches in the western regions serve as the epicenter for numerous UFO sightings and paranormal disturbances. In 2014, a collective of ranchers and cowboys, primarily comprising individuals who had personally witnessed extraterrestrial activities, initiated the formation of the Cowboy Sky Watchers group (CSW).


Since the establishment of CSW, its members have diligently recorded a spectrum of occurrences, ranging from unexplained crop circles to instances of animal mutilations and mysterious lights in the sky. Over time, a growing number of ranchers and cowboys have joined the cause, sharing their own stories and encounters from small towns and ranches scattered across the American West.


Known as the "UFO Cowboys," these individuals have become the trusted confidants for local ranchers seeking the truth. With unmatched courage, they embark on a mission to uncover the secrets behind alien encounters throughout the West, providing reassurance to the apprehensive western communities.

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