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Alaska Moosemen goes behind the scenes to look at the lives of the men and women who work as volunteers for the  Alaska Moose Federation.  The AMF is a roughly a 40 person volunteer team that salvages moose road-kill and works to find a home for the abandoned calves that lose their mothers due to vehicle accidents.

The moose that meet their demise on the roads of Alaska are picked up by these volunteers and delivered to various organizations that distribute the meat to local families.  There are thousands of people in the "Frozen North" who can't afford to feed their families during the long winter months.  The meat from these moose can be the difference between making it through the winter or not.  

These volunteers come in all shapes and sizes and their personalities reflect the work they do.  However, they are all united on the mission of the Alaska Moose Federation.  They want ​​build up the moose population in rural Alaska and they want to help save the lives of their Alaskan brothers and sisters.

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