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In addition to our traditional broadcast success, American Chainsaws Entertainment programs also delve into digital and VOD platforms. Our goal is to support brands through digital platforms and continue to grow within the digital space. We persist with our passion to develop concepts that connect with today's viewers and tap into the pipeline that technologly provides for us to interact with our  customers.

Style 360

Fashion, for some, is a religion. In fact, the way you rock an outfit is as important as the air you breathe.  And while clothes cannot speak, they still tell a powerful story about the character of the person who wears them. Now select clothing brands are presenting those stories.

In The Studio

On the Bus

What's amazing about most rap and hip-hop concerts is that there is always a surprise guest who will make an appearance since many rap and hip-hop songs have features. What if  this summer these surprise guests competed to determine who is the best performer and who will stay on the bus and perform at the next concert.  (In Development)

Blood in the Water

Was the savage murder of a young woman in Portland, Oregon a random act or was it something more?  Is a serial killer on the loose or did the victim know her murderer?  When the case is solved the results are a chilling reminder that the most innocent of encounters can have devastating consequences.

Where is Jessica?

A young woman goes missing in the middle of the night from her home in Scanton, New Jersey.  For nine months, not a trace until she is spotted in Miami.  Where has she been and why doesn't she remember her family?

Proving What We Already Know

The evidence that aliens exist has been slowly mounting for decades and this year  marks the most convincing year yet for the belief that life must exist beyond our planet.  Nearly half of humanity believes aliens are out there.  Now an  European Space Agency signed off on a $668 million mission that that will hunt for other life forms, almost a millions miles into space.


Murder on the Tracks

Saline County, Arkansas, 1987.  In the middle of the night a train ran over two teenage boys . . .  At first, officials said it was suicide . . . Then multiple eyewitnesses started showing up dead.  What is the real story behind "The Boys on the Tracks"?

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