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D'Lo, Miss., is a quaint town of just a few hundred people that seems to be straight out of the 1950s -- nobody locks their doors and everyone seemingly knows everyone. The town faces some major problems, though, as Main Street is shut down and people are leaving the small town at alarming rates. It's getting to the point where D'Lo may cease to exist at some point in the future. Mayor John Henry Berry, a fourth-generation D'Lo resident, has made it his mission to reverse the town's downward trend.


The white suit-wearing mayor campaigned on the promise of returning D'Lo to its former glory and has four years to get it done. He has developed a 95-point plan he thinks can save the town, but his efforts are complicated by the demands required of him by his other duties. Just some of those duties include being the town arbitrator, dogcatcher, sewer repairman and volunteer fireman.


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