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The Wonderland Murders

We produce both unscripted and scripted televisions shows that captivate and entertain.  At the forefront of everything we do is strong storytelling that runs the gamut from true crime to mystery to comedy.  We pride ourselves on not only delivering quality programming that engages audiences and entertains, but shows that make a positive difference in the lives of the viewer.  

There are some stories that have to be told.  These documentaries are human interest stories that take a great deal of research and planning.  It might be a woman, eaten up by cancer, who navigates the Iditarod, or a look into one of the CIA's more covert operations with Howard Hughes, "The Azorian Project."  

The Azorian Project

In addition to traditional television production, American Chainsaws Entertainment also delves into the digital and VOD platforms.  Our goal is to support brands through digital platforms, improve the power of interactivity of the viewers, and consistently grow within the digital community. ​

Intimate Violence

Emerging entrepreneurs, personalities, and performers can use personal branding to establish multi-million dollar businesses that are doubling, tripling, and quadrupling their business value through the power of Fortune 500 type branding.


Live events that capture the energy of the crowd make for great programming. Our concept-to-completion structure allows for total consistency throughout the lifecycle of any element in the event production process. 

Live Comedy Showcase

American Chainsaws Entertainment
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